About Courtney

Courtney Gavin is a business start-up expert.


Right after college, Courtney and her husband started their own waste removal company and within five (5) years they sold their business to a Fortune 200, $10 Billion dollar company. Courtney has what it takes to crush it in business. Following the acquisition, Courtney co-founded LegendVest, an educational platform for everyday entrepreneurs.


In her spare time, Courtney enjoys giving back to the entrepreneur community through coaching, podcasting, speaking events, and teaching online. Courtney has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology & Microbiology from the University of Central Florida. Courtney resides in South Florida with her husband and her son.


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All Things Motherhood

Our life changed forever when our son was born. Becoming a mom is the most humbling, rewarding (and challenging) experience. From pregnancy to postpartum, I share my personal experiences and words of wisdom during this pivotal moment!

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