How To PUSH through obstacles

Can't catch a break? If it's not one thing, it's another? Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur. The "TREP" life is grossly glamorized in social media as the IT life. Trust me, it's pretty awesome and has it perks for sure. However, there comes a STEEP responsibility to being a business owner that most people don't care to think about (I'll save that for another post). I once heard on an audio CD that a millionaire had defined success as solving a different problem every day. In his mind, he felt if he is solving different problems each day, then he must be growing and making progress. Now let's say you are having the same problems every day, now that's a problem -you are not growing. On th

Courtney's Top 10 Business Books

Courtney's Top 10 Recommended Business Books It’s no secret that many successful people in this world are strong advocates of reading books. Speaking for myself, I wholeheartedly agree that reading is important for anyone’s journey in life; whether that be relationships, entrepreneurship, careers, success, self-improvement, etc. Reading not only keeps the brain active; it also encourages DISCIPLINE. That of which most people do not have. If you want to develop better habits, then learn the traits of fellow successful individuals. Here are some books that are recommended by some of the most prosperous and accomplished people in the world: Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill How to Win Friends

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