Letter to Baby Gavin

Letter to Baby Gavin Although we haven't met you yet sweet baby, we love you so much already. ​ I cannot wait to meet you. ​ You are so special to me and your father Jamison. ​ As the doctor said, "you are an overachiever and have a beautiful heart!" ​ Even strangers are fond of you! :) ​ As your mother, I promise to love you, protect you, cherish you, keep you safe, and teach you valuable life-lessons. We pray that you have wisdom beyond your years, that you have the courage to be who God called you to be, and being the light that this world needs. ​ Never apologize for being who you are. ​ Always, love your neighbor and put God first. ​ Sweet baby, because of you, I have a renewed confiden

The Nursery

The Nursery So, lately I've been pretty much obsessed with the color gray, if you haven't noticed. Jamison's favorite color is red. I don't really have a favorite color (it's complicated), but I do know I want the nursery to be gray. Didn't you hear that gray is the new neutral? ​ Gray with an accent of Red and White to balance things out. ​ It's unique, but that's okay! ​ Boy or girl, the official baby animal is the baby elephant. It's super adorable and gender neutral. Anything with a baby elephant on it, I'll take it. ​ Imagine a nursery full of inspirational quotes, elephants, glow in the dark stars, and Elmo of course since he's the perfect red accent! ​

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