What it means to be accountable

Accountability has been a hot topic lately 🔥. That’s probably because we know it when we see it (and when we don’t). During the panel Women of Purpose and Value we talked about accountability and what that looks like. To me, it simply means doing what you said you were gonna do. In business, something that I noticed right away was the lack of accountability. It seemed all too common for business owners to neglect customers and not do what was promised. This was a pain point in my industry, which also meant opportunity for us as well. By simply being a person of your word, you are already leap-years ahead of your competitor. This is also true in all aspects of life— at work, at home. Y

Money, Mindset, and Millennials with Amanda Abella | LegendVest Podcast Interview

Money • Mindset • Millennials I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Abella on the LegendVest podcast! Today’s episode is very much an honest conversation between two millennials taking about life. We’ve turned this interview into 2 episodes and extra bonus content! Amanda Abella is a Latina millennial money expert and blogger who has created an online community (over 50,000+ members) where millennials can learn how to make money online and actually enjoy their financial journeys. She’s the author of her Amazon bestselling book Make Money Your Honey. Join us as we talk about: misconceptions of money, the mindset that's needed to overcome money fears and setbacks, and things that Mi

Women of Purpose & Value

My heart is so full. The testimonies and honesty that was shared yesterday was truly special. There was so much engagement from the audience and the vendors, we were all pouring into each other. I felt like we were really making a difference and making an impact in our local community. It feels so good to be apart of something and witness transformation take place. I’m so blessed to know Jeanna Michel and for the opportunity she gave me to be apart of this A-MAZING panel. If you missed the event or feel like you want a little more out of life. I’m excited to announce I’m hosting a 4-Week Group Mentorship program. We will be talking about Business, Relationships, Careers. If you’re inte

I'm speaking at the "Breakdown for the Buildup" Event in Delray Beach

✨ Are you coming? ✨ I’m so thrilled to be a panelist speaker at the upcoming event “The Breakdown for the Buildup” here in Delray! 🤗 If you feel like you are doing EVERYTHING right but still not where you want to be; this event is for YOU my friend. We will have real conversations about self-love, recovering from failure, and of course managing work-life balance. Come join me and these wonderful women! Purchase a ticket today (bring a friend too 🙂) before we sell out! ✨ BONUS: I’m giving away a FREE gift at the event (attendees only). See you there gorgeous! 💞 xoxo, Coco

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