What Every Entrepreneur Should Do Everyday

October 12, 2016



What Every Entrepreneur Should Do Everyday


I am so thrilled to write this blog post about 'what every entrepreneur should do everyday'. I am a firm believer in this and I hope you will be too...


When you all find out what I am about to tell you, I am sure you will be shocked and appalled! 


Well....what is it?


It's READING. Yes, READING. I cannot stress how important reading is as an entrepreneur. Whether you are a small business owner, an experienced entrepreneur, or business tycoon this is most certainly a success habit that successful entrepreneurs have in common.


Now, if it were up to me and I wanted to be successful, I would certainly want to follow the footsteps of a successful entrepreneur. What did they do to get to where they are today? What separates successful entrepreneurs from mediocre entrepreneurs? What habits do they have in common?


I can tell you one of them is reading.


I know some of you may either be (1) not so excited about this or (2) expecting me to have a different answer. That's totally normal. For many many years it was very rare that I even FINISHED a book at all. It was quite pathetic and I was definitely embarrassed to say that. However, today I am such an avid reader (or at least I hope to be!) that I turn down my favorite TV Shows and my favorite past-times just to READ!


Reading is essential, but what exactly should you be reading? I have an eBook that I co-authored with my husband and fellow entrepreneur Jamison called "Go For It" (coming soon!) in which I go into detail about the different types of books. As we know, reading is a very general task that we do on a regular basis, whether it's reading emails, magazines, text messages, newspapers, romance novels, etc.  Therefore I must be specific in this blog.


The type of reading that I am advocating specifically is what I like to call purposeful reading. Purposeful reading (which happens to be my favorite and something I consider FUN), is reading with a purpose to grow in certain areas of your life whether it's personal or professional. I can blog on and on about what reading has done for me and why I enjoy it so much but I won't bore you today. Reading has changed my mindset and perspective on life, business, and wealth. It has also taught me to be disciplined and focused on one task (I only read one book at a time). & I have gained incredible and applicable knowledge and information that I use to be a better person as a whole.


As an entrepreneur, I recommend you read books, periodicals, or magazines that will be uplifting, empowering, and spark interests of creativity and innovation inside of you. I am always looking to learn new things, whether it's learning more about how people think or how to manage cash flow - I always make sure whatever I am reading it's useful in either my personal life or professional life.


"Reading has become not only a habit for me, but it has become my LIFESTYLE."


For many entrepreneurs - and even other successful people in other industries such as education, medicine, law, history, and more - they have made reading a true lifestyle.


Reading does take discipline, trust me on this! For some of you out there, this won't be an issue of discipline at all. Some of you are already avid readers, the question is WHAT ARE YOU READING?




Courtney Gavin

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