What does Success mean to you?

December 20, 2016

"Success" has a different meaning to everyone.


According to Fortune Magazine, Warren Buffett defines Success as "If people whom you want to have love you love you, you’re a success”. For others obtaining their dream car is considered a success. For some, getting married and having kids is the definition of success. 


The truth is, success does have many definitions to all of us - and not only that, but our meaning of success can (and most likely will) change over time.


Jason Dorsey, a keynote speaker and author, wrote an article "Redefining Rich" in the SUCCESS Magazine. He stated that his own definition of success had changed from a "fast car to quality time at the park" with his daughter. As we get older and experience new things, it's very probable that our needs and wants will also change.


When I was 17 years old, all I cared about was getting accepted into a 4-year university and to obtain my Bachelor's Degree. To me at that time, I was considered getting accepted into college "successful". Now that I have achieved both of those things, I now have new definitions of success as I continue to grow and learn new things.


My definition of success is achieving the goals that you set out for yourself.


Although we have our definition of success, we also have our meaning of success. What it really means to us is what will be the major difference in us all.



What Success Means to Me:


  1. Having the freedom and ability to do the things I want when I want

  2. Marrying my best friend and having a loving and godly marriage

  3. Providing abundantly for my family 

  4. Giving to others cheerfully and without obligation

  5. Stress-free living

  6. Financial Freedom / Zero Debt

  7. Teaching others to be successful and be the best person God created them to be.

  8. Building a legacy that will last for generations.

  9. Traveling around the world, learning different languages, and experiencing new cultures

  10. Bringing people closer to Jesus Christ.

  11. Building a great company (according to the principles of the book "Good to Great") in which all members are empowered to reach their full potential of their talents and earn an abundant living through the company.


To some of you, my list may surprise you. And honestly, it surprised me a little bit too. I have found that when I completed this list (though it is yet to be changed and revised over time), I was at total peace with myself. As you think about the word "success" and its meaning to you, write down all of the thoughts that are triggered in your mind when you hear this word. You may be surprised to see that most of it may not be money-related. In fact, many of the millionaires and billionaires of this world don't equate success with money. Arianna Huffington, entrepreneur and President of the Huffington Post Media Group, defined success as "well-being, wisdom, our ability to wonder, and, to give back."


I believe once you determine your meaning of success, you will be closer to achieving that success and to freedom and peace in your life.


"You can't have the things that you don't know that you want." Courtney Gavin


Figure out your meaning of success and let that be a personal mission to obtain those items on your list. When you do, it will be quite rewarding.



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