How To PUSH through obstacles

January 20, 2017


Can't catch a break? If it's not one thing, it's another? Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur. 


The "TREP" life is grossly glamorized in social media as the IT life. Trust me, it's pretty awesome and has it perks for sure. However, there comes a STEEP responsibility to being a business owner that most people don't care to think about (I'll save that for another post). 


I once heard on an audio CD that a millionaire had defined success as solving a different problem every day. In his mind, he felt if he is solving different problems each day, then he must be growing and making progress. Now let's say you are having the same problems every day, now that's a problem -you are not growing. On the other hand, by solving different problems every day, then you must be doing something right.



GET PASSIONATE about what you do. I encourage any entrepreneur who is interested in investing in a business or starting their own to be passionate about that business. Some of you may be thinking "why can't I just invest and be neutral, why do I have to be passionate about it? Can't I still be successful whether I love my business or not?"


Great points indeed, however, any successful entrepreneur (or even a failed one) will tell you that success doesn't arrive overnight and everything doesn't always go as planned. Things happen and there's nothing you can do about the inevitable obstacles. When you reach a low point sometimes the only thing that will keep you going is your passion. Remember why you started this business in the first place! I can truly say that there have been significant moments in our business that made us want to quit and end it all. (I know most of you can relate to this.) Thank God, that we had the passion and faith to keep going and push through those tough times.



Be PERSISTENT. Do you know why successful people are successful? It's because they don't quit. They keep going and they don't stop. Remember, the only time you fail is when you give up. Growing a business definitely requires time and patience, but it's also requires persistence. Success doesn't happen over night. But along with your passion, you must be persistent. Keep making those phone calls, keep asking the right questions, keep bringing value to your customers, keep networking, and keep going to your mentor sessions. There are thousands of different things you can do to help grow your business and break out of that stagnant (plateau) phase of your business. Don't let the distractions stop you from your goals.



CELEBRATE. It's important to embrace the victory, even the small wins. I certainly take time to celebrate and treat myself every time I get a new contract, a new customer, or even when I reach a goal. Sometimes our failures and obstacles can get in the way with what is actually going right in our life. Obstacles most of the time are distractions. Although they can be tough road blocks that you have to tackle, don't let it take over your life. Don't focus on all the bad things that could be worse, focus on your small and big successes you had today (but forgot about because of something hitting the fan) and treat yourself, you deserve it.





Courtney Gavin

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