Newborn Items I Can't Live Without

July 21, 2018



I am LOVING how many of my friends are having tons of babies and getting married. Several of my friends/peers are on baby #2 and #3!!! My baby is 5 months old (OMG, where in the heck did the time go?) and I am reminiscing on how small and little my baby was. He's growing up so fast, I catch myself scrolling through my phone obsessing over his newborn photos and being amazed at his transformation. However, in my spare time I love helping new mommas, because trust me, this is LIFE CHANGING!


OKAY, so here's the real purpose of this post. There are some baby items that I just cannot live without and I am SO thankful that I have them. Being a first time mom, at first you may not even know what you're REALLY going to need and be using everyday. And you may be surprised to find out later the items that have really come through for you on a daily basis. Thanks to my mom, mother-in-love, and my sister, they helped me and guided me tremendously on my newborn MUST-HAVES. 


I promised myself on this post that I would keep it down to 5 ITEMS so that I don't overwhelm you new mommas :-)






Boy am I glad that I went ahead and purchased this thing a month before Xander arrived. We use this thing ALL DAY, everyday. Even though he's not playing in it just yet, here's why we use it:

- it has a changing table

- it has storage for your diapers, wipes, lotions/creams, hygiene stuff, etc

- it comes with a removable bassinet

Be forewarned, there is like a hundred different types of Graco Pack n Plays so take your time. I was so overwhelmed at first, but eventually I just took my time and browsed through most of the options to find out what I wanted. I asked myself what was most important to me: (1) value, (2) convenience, (3) multi-purpose. This one had everything I desired. I recommend in order to find the best one, ask yourself, what do you need it to do? And then pick that one. Not all pack n plays are the same.


TIP: he's not using the play area just yet so I actually use it for storing a bunch of onesies, blankets, and burp cloths in here for easy access (trust me, you'll go through SO many everyday)


ANOTHER QUICK TIP: I moved the removable bassinet and put it in another room like my master. So if I'm folding clothes in my room, he can be right next to me in this bassinet so I can watch him. It's pretty mobile so you can take it anywhere and it's super soft. Xander loves napping in this thing too!


This is where we got out ours




So Jamison actually picked this out when we were at BuyBuyBaby and I'm so glad he did. This is an ingenious product. Xander loves his wubbs! It's perfect because it's a pacifier attached with a soft plush animal. The first one we got was the Red Dog (no, it's not Clifford! lol) and then we got the elephant one. We like it because it gives him something to touch and play with. ALSO, it's SUPER easy to find the pacifier, it's so easy to lose those things.


TIP: Attach pacifier clip to the Wubbanub. No more pacifier on the floor. We just clip it on his bib and he's good to go!


It's so cute, you'll want to buy them all!!


3. Lulyboo's Bassinet To-Go Premium


Wow, this thing is seriously undervalued. I use this ALL the time and Xander sleeps in this most of the time too. It's super mobile and you can fold it and carry it backpack-style. Mainly we use this for nap time or when we are traveling. Use it on a flat surface and be careful when using it on ...

It's super cute and has textured, colorful owls that make a crackly noise when you touch it. Xander didn't notice the noises until he was about 3 months, now he plays with it nonstop. I love that it's waterproof on the bottom

TIP: we use this when traveling to a hotel or even as a changing table.

Check it out here 


4. Boppy Nursing Pillow

Yep, we use it everyday. Obviously, this is great when you're breastfeeding so that you can prop your baby and not have burning arm muscles. However I also use this to bottle feed my baby too. Or when we are just hanging out on the couch, I'll sit him on this. You can even do tummy time with it! It's soft and comfortable, we use it all the time. It's easy to clean, the cover has a zipper on it which is machine-washable. It's also reversible so there's another design on the other side.


This is the one we have


5. MamaRoo by 4Moms

I love this machine, Xander naps very well in this thing. He spent a decent amount of time in this especially during his first few weeks of life. It's a super high tech bouncer that allows you to control all the buttons from your phone using their app! It can swing and make white noises. It has about 6 different swing motions and about 6 different white noise options. Also you can increase/decrease the speed and volume. It comes with an adjustable seat as well as a mobile.


I know this can be a costly item. Thankfully my mother purchased this for us so I didn't have to feel my pocket burn LOL. However I do highly recommend that you get a bouncer in general, regardless of the brand. I can vouch for MamaRoo because I have one...and he still uses it. Even though he is almost too big for this thing!


Check it out mommas and daddas!








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