Baby Products That I Own & Never Use

July 26, 2018


 I hate to say it, but...there will be items that you buy (and you swear that you need it) and never even use it! Like it or not, I'm pretty certain every momma will go through this at some point. Check out my list of shame below:


1. The SwaddleMe


Believe it or not I never used this thing. Thank goodness I only bought two while I was pregnant (I almost bought four). I ended up learning how to swaddle like a pro in a matter of a few days just by using regular blankets and cloths. I really didn't need this after all and don't think you will either 😉


2. Wipe Warmer 

So this was actually a gift. I totally forgot I had it because it was in my a box. Out of sight and out of mind! I am sure that if I had placed it near his diaper changer or playpen, then I would probably be using it. It's a nice to have, but in my opinion not a must-have. We are 5 months in, and clearly I haven't needed it yet. But I will keep it and give it a shot if I remember to use it LOL.



3. Newborn Hats


Gosh, I have like 15 pairs of these things and maybe used 2 of them? When Xander was born I used the newborn hat for about a week. Pretty much while we were at the hospital and maybe a few days after that. Now, some mommas may use these much more than I did. I wish I used them more. However, my boy was born with a head FULL of hair, so I guess we figured he didn't really need it 🤷🏽‍♀️


4. Mittens


Again, like the newborn hats, I used the mittens while at the hospital. But THEN I got nervous because I was told NOT to use them since they pose as a chocking hazard. Ever since then I stopped using them. They are great though because those baby nails are super sharp. Not only do they scratch their faces, they will scratch you too! As an alternative, we have long sleeve onesies and PJs that come with a mitten attached at the end of the sleeve. Since it was attached already it didn't pose any risk... it served well when the room got cold and it prevents him from scratching himself.




After writing this post, I have an URGE to go find that wipe warmer and use it. After all it does glow in the dark. I think it could be useful.


Cheers, Momma!






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