Prepping for Your Hospital Stay

August 19, 2018



"Baby can be here at any moment!" Ugh. Yes, I know. I got tired of hearing that too.


Truth is, they are right. Once you hit that 36 Week mark, this becomes a reality. Heavy nesting kicked in for me around 32 Weeks. Hubby and I started packing our hospital bag (aka "Go Bag") about 8 weeks in advance of our due date. I took advice from my midwife, family, friends, and Google and compiled a list that worked for us. If you haven't already, pack your hospital bag...NOW.


Need a place start? Start here, right now:


- Grab a duffle bag.


- Put it next to the front door of your home.


- As you start thinking of things, start filling up the bag.


- Create a list and print it out (Download my actual Hospital Checklist).


- Run it by your partner, see if anything is missing.


- Keep adding stuff to the bag.


-About 2 weeks before I was due, I took everything out the bag. Re-organized it. And swapped anything out that I no longer wanted and vice versa.


This is one thing you don't want to procrastinate on. Because we can't exactly plan Baby's arrival we really don't know when the Big Day is actually going to happen. You don't want to be rushed to the hospital with an unpacked bag, disappointed that you don't have any essentials. Regretting things and being unhappy. You want to be proud that you took the time beforehand to make sure you, daddy, and baby had everything yall needed.


What Should Go In My Hospital Bag?


Obvs, you want your toiletries, light makeup, chapstick, etc. Download my full list here. But below are some quick tips/ideas on what to bring that you may not have though of:

- Bring extra pillows- pack 1 or 2 (you don't know if the hospital ones will be comfortable)


- make sure you put a colorful pillow case on it so you know it's yours.


- bring an extra blanket for you or your partner or guests (hospital room may be cold)


- cash for vending machines (cafeteria might be closed at 3 am when baby gets here LOL)


- bring a book or an iPad to stay entertained/distracted (if you are getting induced and playing the waiting game, you might get bored)


- bring flip flops for the hospital shower (I am a germophobe, I bought some cheap thong sandals for like $3 at target just to use in the shower. So glad I did)


- bring at least 3 outfits for your newborn to take photos in (bring some newborn sizes and 0-3 month sizes. You may not know how big/small your baby will be when he or she is born).


- bring an oil diffuser. OK full credit goes to my hubby, since candles aren't safe to bring and pose a fire hazard, an alternative is a oil diffuser. i LOVE lavender oil and our room smelled like a garden. all the nurses wanted to hang out at our room LOL. Here's where we got ours. The one we have glows at night too. You can get essential oils for cheap at TJ Maxx/Marshalls. Or at Amazon too. 


- print out your BIRTH plan! 2 copies! Just in case you can't speak for yourself or you/hubby can't remember. the birth plan works as a nice reminder to hospital staff (and family) of your wants/needs. I go into more detail on this in another post.


- last but not least, Momma, bring at least 2 outfits for yourself. 1) you may want to change out of the hospital gown 2) you may want to dress up a lil' bit for some photos with your new baby. I had a tank top and a maxi skirt. No tight skinny jeans! Dresses are great too. I forgot to bring an extra outfit for myself so I wore the same thing coming into the hospital and the same thing going out, don't be like me.


Download my full checklist here. Add/Remove as you see fit.


You got this Momma, and YAY for getting stuff done 😄



Coco Gavin




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