I'm busy building my empire

March 4, 2019



Yeah, so I've been busy lately. Busy building my empire. I just finished a new book in less than a month. It's written by Elena Cardone (she doesn't know it yet, but she is officially my new mentor 🙃). The book is called "Build an Empire". An incredible book on building a life with your partner, how to support each other, and establishing who you need to become in order to reach the next level. It’s also an inspiring story on how the Cardone’s built their empire.

According to Elena, everyone has an empire. The overall theme is: you're either CREATING an empire or DESTROYING an empire. We either “create” or “destroy” it merely by the decisions we make.

We make most of our decisions on auto-pilot because we are so 'busy' chasing the carrot that we don't take time to fully think about what we are actually doing. The book has been a great reminder to take time to think, I mean REALLY think, about our actions. From the food we eat, the people we hang out with, the TV shows we watch.

I recently had a life-changing decision to make back in January, right when the new year started. I was in a crossroads because I had some really, really good opportunities come my way and I was truly torn on what to choose. Within 24-hours, I ultimately made my final decision. And...I was at peace because I knew, truly, I made the right one.

Whenever I face a tough decision, I re-frame my thinking and ask myself "will this decision help me build my empire, or will it destroy it and take me off course?" When I come from that angle, the right choice is usually staring at me right in the face. At that point, it becomes easy to decide.

Decisions don’t have to be hard if you ask the right questions. Decisions *also* don’t have to be hard if you actually have goals. Ask the right questions and you’ll make good decisions. ✨

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