UPDATE: Being Pregnant During COVID-19

It's been roughly 2 weeks since we were issued a social-distancing/quarantine order. With that said, it has been a very interesting time as I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and as you can imagine we are having to adapt to a new normal until things get better.

I am taking things one day at a time with a high dose of optimism that things will get better soon!

Rewind to two weeks ago when the quarantine announcement was made, we were actually in Atlanta for a quick business trip. Immediately after the announcement, many people were raiding the grocery stores and fighting over toilet paper. A few days into the quarantine and all the chaos going on, I was very anxious to get back home to Florida. I had my prescription iron pills waiting for me to be picked up and plus we had no idea there was going to be a quarantine prior to our Atlanta trip, so we did not pack accordingly.

I was a little nervous as to what we were going to be walking into since I had no idea what the conditions were like back home. Thankfully, we drove back down without an issue. Gas stations and fast food restaurants were open, but to use the bathroom we stopped at the rest areas.

We finally get back home and I immediately checked Instacart to see what grocery items were available for pickup. Thankfully, I was surprised to see most essential things like bread, milk, bananas, etc were available. No paper goods however! But thankfully Jamison bought a bunch of groceries including toilet paper while were in Atlanta before the crowds came, so we are good for a little while.

So we are home, just chilling, and eating all the food in the pantry lol. For Xander and I , not too much has changed because I watch him full-time (SAHM). However the biggest difference is that we can't go to any playgrounds or indoor toddler gyms (we love our MyGym!). It's been a bummer that we can't go on our date nights.....which also means our babysitter hasn't been with us in 2 weeks either (send help! lol). We usually do a movie and dinner, go to the beach, or just go out to eat somewhere new. So I have greatly missed my dates with Jamison, but the good news is that we are all home together and we are now doing dates indoors lol.

We did cancel our baby sprinkle scheduled for April. All events essentially have been cancelled around the world and we don't know when the quarantine will be lifted. With our baby girl coming in June, it would be too tight and too close to do a quick shower before then, so we are looking at doing a virtual one :)

Also, my midwife called and let me know that I can't bring anyone with me to my pregnancy appointments for the time being. Understandable as they want to reduce contact and exposure for everyone -- their staff and their patients. Normally Xander and Jamison come with me, but they'll stay home and I'll be FaceTiming them in lol.

Now I have heard from numerous pregnant women who are giving birth between April - July that most hospitals are only allowing 1 visitor in the room during labor and delivery (not sure about postpartum visits at the hospital). I know a lot of first-time-moms are bummed about this, heck I am too, I haven't thought about who's going to be in the room yet, but I had the privilege of having Jamison, my mom, my mother-in-love, and my Aunt Michelle there with me with my firstborn! I am praying that this rule is lifted before my June due date. However, I totally understand if they can't lift it just yet.

Lots of changes and new normals over here. I will say this coronavirus is forcing us to adapt and get creative so it's not all bad, but it's definitely inconvenient. We were soooo looking forward to a baby moon in Cancun this week, but that's OK God has other plans and we will be back at our favorite spot in Cancun later this year or perhaps Spring 2021!

How are you coping during COVID-19? What's your life been like these last two weeks? Would love to hear from you...thanks for listening and watching!



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