Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2020

Mother's Day is around the corner (May 10th, folks). Let's be honest, it's probably the last thing that most of us are thinking about especially during this time of quarantine. Despite our "normal lives" being far from recognizable, perhaps this holiday can be a great way to distract us from what's going on around the world and show appreciation for the mamas in our lives.

GOOD NEWS: all the products below are COVID-friendly gift options that can still be shared whether we are on lock-down or not.

  1. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Gift Set ($33) This is a classic gift and never goes out of style. For that mom that loves all things fragrance, Bath & Body Works is here to the rescue! There's a reason why their candles sell out, because they work and they're beautiful. What I love about aromatherapy collection is the variety of options, like Stress Relief, Sleep, Inspire -- just to name a few. And you can't beat the pretty packaging. It comes with bath gel, pillow mist, and body cream. All this for $32.50 is not a bad deal that won't break the bank!

  2. Target Digital Gift Card ($5+) Let's face it, where else can you get groceries, a Starbucks latte, diapers, and a TV under the same roof? Target is THE place to be for all moms. Did we mention Starbucks? Target offers digital gift cards that you can send directly via email, which is convenient and you don't have to leave the couch! These days, maam could use some extra toilet paper and chap stick, so this may be the most underrated gift on the list!

  3. LUSH Cosmetics ($45) I'm obsessed with LUSH. Not only are they handmade and vegan, they also SMELL AMAZING. The original creators of the bath bombs is a household favorite for that mom that loves to wind down in the bath tub. They are super high quality and fragrance is so refreshing. This is definitely my favorite go-to gift that sells itself with its beautiful packaging and gift sets. If you get it gift wrapped at the store, you can use their scarf!

  4. Soma Slipper Socks ($10) All moms can appreciate soft and fluffy slippers. Now that we are in the house more than ever right now, these are the perfect, budget-friendly, and COVID-friendly gift anyone could use! Slippers don’t last forever so it’s a nice treat to get a soft new pair. These things are selling FAST. When I checked this site a month ago, the black pair was in stock, but now they are sold out. They still have navy blue available but you'll wanna hop on this opportunity ASAP!

  5. Hand & Stone Massage ($110) This is a gift we can all use, but we are just not willing to spend on ourselves. Now I know what you're thinking. Due to the quarantine, people are not bee-lining to the massage spa any time soon however... you can pre-purchase a massage or facial service in advance and send it to her email. The gift cards DO NOT expire, so she can hold on to it for as long as she wants until quarantine is over before choosing a time, date, and location! I am pretty sure once all this is over, we will all need a stress-relieving hot stone massage.

  6. Freshly ($50) I personally have tried several food delivery companies and my biggest gripe was the amount of time it took to cook the meal (2-3 hours easily). As a new mom, I don’t have that patience to stand in the kitchen for 3 hours. But with freshly, the food is already cooked! All you have to do is pop in the oven or microwave. HECK YES sign me up why don’t ya. Having food already prepped and ready to go is a life saver for both mom AND dad, especially with a newborn. Give her a chance to try new recipes too. 4 meals start at $50.

  7. Floral Lace Robe ($46) I am obsessed with PinkBlush. They have the cutest maternity options but what’s even better is not only are they affordable, but most of their clothing can be used after you have the baby. They've recently added to their collection and now cater to all women and not just Including their robes and their maternity dresses. This is a wonderful gift especially for expecting mamas who want to look and feel pretty while also being comfortable. PinkBlush has numerous versatile options - pregnant or not. Check out their online store!

  8. Empathy Wine ($60) Do you know a mom who enjoys a glass of wine? 🍷Empathy Wine, a startup wine subscription founded by Gary Vaynerchuck (or Gary Vee for short) and two other co-founders Jon Troutman and Nate Scherotter, is a direct to consumer wine company. The wine comes straight from the farms of California. There are three options to choose from: Rose, Red, White. You can give a momma 3 bottles for a total of $60. The subscription is optional so you can just do a one-time purchase, however if you do select a subscription you'll save 5%. While mama is at home alot more now, a nice bottle of wine paired with some Soma Slipper Socks sounds like a nice Mother's Day to me!

  9. Alex + Ani ($32) Now, I had heard of Alex and Ani a few years ago, but I finally bought a few items for both of my favorite mamas this past Christmas and they were a HIT. Known for their bangles, necklaces, and bracelets, Alex and Ani is trendy and affordable. Alex and Ani has lots of collections to choose from and endless charms to add more personality to your jewelry. What I adore most about Alex and Ani is their blueprinting feature. They will curate specific products that would be unique to you based on your name and your birthday. When I did my blueprint, it came back with over twenty items to choose from varying from $18 - $33 dollars. The photo above is one of the bangles based on my birthday (where are my Scorpios at?). Give it a try, I am sure you can find something special for your favorite mama that won't break the bank!

  10. Venus et Fleur ($299) OK if you REALLY want to impress your lady or your favorite mom, get her Venus et Fleur. You’ve probably heard of the Eternity rose and like its name, these roses last a mighty long a time. No watering is needed and hardly any maintenance, so you get to enjoy these for a full year without lifting a finger. Venus et Fleur has beautiful, elegant options to choose from and a variety of price points. The cheapest I've been able to find is "LE MINI ROUND" for $39, whereas the Classic Small Round starts at $299. Definitely a wide range of price points here, but they certainly won't disappoint! These are bouquets like you’ve never seen. This could do the trick to help that mama feel loved and appreciated, especially during quarantine!

Mother's Day this year is May 10th! While it feels like we still have time, you may want to start buying these gifts ASAP (like today). Many retailers and stores are having delayed shipping times right now due to COVID-19. Let's bring love and light into the world for our favorite mamas. Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!



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