Life of a Doula: Interview with Alyssa Bedard

June 2, 2020

Hey everyone!


This weekend I interviewed Alyssa Bedard, a certified doula, to talk about the #doulalife and the benefits of having one before, during, and after your pregnancy.


Did you know that it has been proven that doulas reduce the infant/maternal mortality rates?


Isn't that amazing!? This is why I wanted to interview Alyssa because I honestly did know that this was an issue, especially for women of color, until AFTER I had my son Xander. Thankfully, my life was in the hands of amazing support system and hospital staff, but sometimes this isn't this case for all women.


Check out the interview below (broken into two parts). I learned a great deal about doulas and all women (and men too) should at least know the roles they play and be privy to this information.









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