Pregnancy Must-Haves (Things I Can't Live Without)

Let's talk about my favorite pregnancy must-haves! This is my second pregnancy so I definitely have more experience this time around and I also know what I like and what I don't. I'm currently pregnant with our second child, her name is Gabrielle and we are expecting her arrival in June 2020! Our first child is Xander and he was born in February 2018.

Maybe you're pregnant for the first time, maybe you're on baby #2 or #3, OR maybe you're not pregnant yet and you're just curious to see what products are out there! This blog/video is just for you and I welcome all who are curious :)


Be sure to contact your physician, midwife, OBGYN, and/or physical therapist before using these products. I am not a licensed medical professional.


This video/blog is not sponsored, however some affiliate links are used which I earn a small commission from.

Boppy Body Pregnancy Pillow

This thing is a MUST-HAVE. You will really appreciate this body pillow especially as you get further along in your pregnancy and your belly is growing. It's not unheard of that pregnancy can get uncomfortable and finding that sweet spot when sleeping may not even exist for a temporary amount of time. This body pillow is somewhat S-shaped and has hugs your body. It comes in one-piece and supports your whole body from head to toe. My favorite way to use this pillow is to wedge it between my legs. We used this quite a bit throughout my whole pregnancy and several months postpartum. I was able to prop Xander up on this for feeding/nursing time too which I love. Another great thing is that it's super easy to clean. Just unzip the cover and throw it in the washer! It's quite comfortable and it's husband-approved as I have seen him use it more than once ;)

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Relief Tea

OMG, the morning sickness is REAL y'all. Some of us are lucky and don't get nauseous or vomit at all, but I'd venture to say that most of do or will likely experience this. With my first pregnancy, I had morning sickness like no other. Like clockwork I would throw up first thing in the morning and sometimes again in the afternoon. I could eat a little, but I'd throw it all up. It wasn't fun by any means. Thankfully my sister sent me this tea that relieves morning sickness. It was a game-changer for me! I personally am not a huge tea drinker, but I found this tea to be very tasty and delicious. Even Jamison the hubby drinks it from time to time if we are out of green tea at home, and he likes it!

Currently in my second pregnancy I didn't have to use the tea that much. I actually didn't have morning sickness like I did with Xander. But let me tell you I had serious food-aversion. The thought of a hamburger or sushi made me want to vomit. My appetite was WAY OFF and if y'all know me -- I love my sandwiches and burgers, but I simply couldn't eat it in the first trimester. Thankfully, after 13/14 weeks, my appetite came right back and I still enjoy a tasty burger at least once a week. The only way I could curb the food aversion was to eat the things I could bare, which was broccoli cheddar soup and a good ol' bowl of cereal. I ate this every single day for weeks LOL! It was light and didn't make me feel overly full or bloated like bread does.

Check out the Pink Stork Tea, you won't regret it!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you've read my blog post about how to make stretch marks disappear, then you are pretty familiar with my magical potion of Olive Oil. This stuff works wonders on the skin. I tried lots of other products and brands, but this one worked the best for me. What I love about it is that you can easily find this in grocery stores and Amazon. It's pretty affordable and it goes a long way.

The bottle that I actually use for my olive oil was originally this one. I got this cocoa butter oil from the store and used it for a few months. It was really nice, but I didn't see as much results like I wanted. At that point, I proceeded to try olive oil. I kept the cocoa butter oil bottle once I used it all and refilled it with olive oil. I love that the bottle itself is a pump which makes it easy to apply on the skin. I have seen amazing results and my stretch marks have virtually disappeared. Fun fact, I am 33 weeks pregnant right now and I didn't gain any new stretch marks this time around!

Bio-Oil Skincare

So before I made the discovery of the olive oil magic, I used Bio-Oil all throughout my first pregnancy. The fragrance is really nice and it was fairly easy to find this online and in stores. It helped relieve the itchy-belly feeling and made my skin super smooth. Although I wasn't able to see any disappearance in stretch marks, I do think I would be worse off if I didn't use anything at all.

Ultimately, the best product for disappearing scars and stretch marks was indeed the olive oil, but I wanted to list Bio-Oil here because some of you may actually find it helpful. I recommend Bio-Oil to keep skin moisturized and relieve itchy-belly.

Bao Bei Maternity ProBump Belly Support Band


Whew, y'all. I wish I had this in my first pregnancy. One of the BEST investments I made. Not going to lie, I am a bit frugal that's just how I am and always have been. I don't like making big purchases no matter how much $ I have in the bank, but I convinced myself I needed to get this. Thankfully I got this during the holiday season and got a great Black Friday deal on it! Nonetheless, this support band is super duper comfortable.

For me, I needed more support this second go 'round. I self-diagnosed myself with Diastasis Recti (Google it lol). Now I am not a physical therapist or licensed medical professional, but in a nutshell it's basically the separation of the ab muscles during pregnancy. All pregnant women will have separation of the abs naturally, but in postpartum they are "supposed" to come back together. Well for various reasons, many women experience DR and your muscles don't always go back to original condition. This can cause a protrusion or pudge or mom belly (yes, raising my hand over here!!). There are exercises you can do, mainly physical therapy ones to help treat this, but in the meantime this belly band helped prevent me from making my DR even worse. It adds more support to your core as well as your back.

I noticed that in my second pregnancy, I have a bulge above my belly button. So this support band actually smooths my bump out so it doesn't stick out and also the belly band lifts my belly up so it's not drooping all the time. I definitely notice a huge difference in my body in terms of aches/discomfort when I am not wearing it. If I am doing a lot of physical activity around the house, chasing a 2 year old, cardio, cleaning, etc. (which is basically every day) I can really feel lower back aches, but when I have the belly band on I have virtually no discomfort or aches. I highly recommend. Matter fact, if I had used this in my first pregnancy I probably wouldn't even have that bulge (if you want to see what I am talking about, check out this photo below from a few months ago at Xander's 2nd birthday. You can see my bulge right above my belly button. I forgot to put the belly band on since we were having so much fun):

Maternity Jeans

As the baby bump is growing, mama is going to need maternity jeans! Not just any jean, but ones that are cute, comfortable and easy on the wallet. I am going to give you two places where I shop for my maternity jeans:

1) StitchFix Maternity


I've been a customer of StitchFix since 2017. A good friend of mine in the real estate industry showed up to a networking event in a gorgeous blue dress. I complimented her and she told me about this new company called StitchFix, a subscription-based personal styling service. Of course I had to give them a shot. First you setup a profile which will include your measurements, your favorite colors/patterns, and you can link your Pinterest board so they can really get to know your style and taste. Once your profile is setup, you pay them a $20 styling fee. The stylist picks out clothes/accessories based on your profile. They pick out about 5 items, ship it to your door, and you pick what you like! If you don't like any of the items, you don't have to pay for it. They include a return bag/label for you to easily return the item(s) you don't want. Another plus, that $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase of the clothing items!

I was super stoked when they launched their Maternity line. Above is a photo of the actual maternity jeans I got from them 2 years ago, the brand name is called Liverpool in case you wanted to know!

What I love about StitchFix is that the clothes are from local boutiques and you save so much time by not driving to the mall to try on clothes. I despise fitting rooms, it's so annoying and inconvenient - let alone having a 2 year old with you. I typically get quarterly shipments, but if I ever need one sooner or if I want to delay/cancel an order, it's super easy to do. Whether you're pregnant or not, give StitchFix a shot! They have StitchFix for Men & Kids too, so the whole family can look good together ;)

By the way, if you want to get $25 off your StitchFix order, just sign up here!

2) Target's Isabel Maternity Jeans

The only place I have patience for while shopping in person is Target. I don't know what it is, but I am at peace when I am at Target. Is it just me? Anyway, I love Target's maternity jeans made by Isabel. They are super duper comfortable and stretchy. Honestly, I still wear maternity jeans even when I am not pregnant. They are just that comfy. No zipper or anything holding your stomach back when you want to eat that cheesecake for dessert. It gives you room to expand! Whenever I need some jeans in a pinch, Target is my go-to. And the fact that they have Drive-Up feature, I don't even have to get out the car - AND I get 5% off with my RED Card. HECK YES sign me up!

Aquaphor Lip Repair

Lip balm is an absolute must over here. I don't know what it is but I've gotten a little compulsive about my lip balm when I am pregnant. I will freak out if I can't find it in my purse. But either way, I recently upgraded from the original Chapstick to the Aquaphor brand of lip balm. As much as I loved Chapstick I felt like my lips were getting drier and it didn't really work all the time. One day I wanted to try something new and stumbled across Aquaphor. I use their brand all the time with Xander to prevent baby rash (it worked really well) so I figured the lip balm ought to be good to. So far, so good. It's really smooth and doesn't disappear in 5 minutes. I already got a back-up one in my hospital bag ready to go LOL!

There you have it, these are my favorite pregnancy must-have items that I can't live without. What are some things that you love and swear by? I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading and sharing, be safe!




Be sure to contact your physician, midwife, OBGYN, and/or physical therapist before using these products. I am not a licensed medical professional.


This video/blog is not sponsored, however some affiliate links are used which I earn a small commission from.

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